About Us

My name is Clair Burns, and I was born and brought up in East Kilbride. I have been making cakes for a few years, originally baking birthday cakes for my children.

I first got interested in cake decorating because of my Aunty Sheena. I was visiting her on holiday and I started making flowers out of icing, getting lots of tips as I went on.

christening cake east kilbride


I continued to make cakes for my children, and people started asking me to make cakes for their special occasions. I find it very relaxing to make cakes, and it is very rewarding seeing the look on someones face when they receive their cake that I have made for their special celebration.


1st birthday cake east kilbride



A couple of years ago I decided to join the Sugar Craft guild. This has enabled me to pick up many new skills and learn lots of essential cake decorating tips.


If you would like to find out how to order a cake from Clairs Cakes, then please use the contact form.